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It all started with Real Estate...


Our team of dedicated professionals has been photographing real estate interiors for the last 7 years, helping agents sell more than $5 Billion worth of properties! As the market has changed and become more heavily VR & 3D based - we changed with it. In 2018 our sister company RE PIXS purchased RoseCity 3D as a way to break into the commercial 3D market and differentiate our business model. As we spent our time learning the ins and outs of VR and 3D production for real estate we received countless requests to create this type of content for commercial properties (like restaurants, hotels, schools, wedding venues, museums, and more!) and in doing so we fell in love with it.  We've decided to stretch our wings and focus fully on commercial production moving forward. Giving commercial businesses' the opportunity to deliver quality content to their clientele and potential visitors. Ready to take your marketing to the next level? We're here to help you display your business with confidence. We're here to bring you the marketing of the future! 

And now we're commercial!

Are you a Realtor looking for marketing?

Check out our sister company RE PIXS! 

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